Here are the last two blocks of the Feathered Star.  The centers are Forest Path and Iowa Star.

The Iowa Star was paper-pieced.  It has the sharpest star points.  For such a complex looking block it was amazingly simple.  So, the four corners of the quilt are anchored with center blocks that are stars.  I  put sashing between a couple of blocks to see if I was going to like it.  The sashing takes away from the opportunity to do special quilting in the large spaces formed by adjoining the blocks; but I decided I needed it for the size of the quilt.

There will be small stars as cornerstones between the sashing.  I have all of the bits printed, cut and stacked for the stars.

Here is the sashing between blocks 1 and 2.  It makes the quilt a little more masculine which I guess is good since it is for my husband.

Have a good day