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I put a mouthful into this Title as there are several things I would like to share with you. So here goes!

Work on the feathered star has re-started and the final row is in works after finishing the smocked dresses.  The dresses will be delivered this week and sometime around Easter I will post a picture of the “sweetness” wearing  them.

Block #13 is Destiny Star.  The center of this star looks like an hourglass and the surrounding shapes are rather odd.  Otherwise, it reminds me of the Friendship Star.

Inklingo has a new collection of Rectangles that are perfect for Log Cabin quilts not to mention many other uses.  With the new release of the Collection fresh in my mind, while attending the Dallas Quilt Show last Friday, I took some pictures of Log Cabin Quilts.  Here are a few:

And here is my favorite.  The quilt maker walked up while I was taking the picture and she did not know that she had received a blue ribbon for the quilt.  Her two sisters had traveled from different states to go to the quilt show and were with her.  She scared the gajeebers out of me when she let out a huge scream right behind me.  I was excited to see her excitement.

Hope your day involves a little  needle and thread.