The smocking is complete on the Easter dresses.  I would like to stitch one more Feathered Star so the row will be finished before I construct the dresses.  It will take me a day to do each of the dresses.  I am slow with garment  construction.

Here is baby girl’s dress

Here is big sister’s dress

One more block to go to finish row three of the Feathered Star.  The center of this block is called Split Nine Patch.

We are having gorgeous weather in Texas.  The grass is starting to peak through with sprigs of green.  The ground cover around the stones that bloom in the Spring have started to bud out purple.  Some of the birds that hang outside my office window have returned.  The rose bushes are pruned back and new leaves are sprouting.  But of course this is Texas and it can turn on you in a heartbeat but I hope not.

Happy Stitching