Feathered Star #10 has a center called True Blue containing 25 pieces.  I suppose I should have put a little blue in the block to honor the name but I didn’t think about it at the time.  I am still on target to finish the third row by the end of the week if all goes well.  I recounted my pieces and may have to print out another sheet of feathers for the very last block.

One of the smocked dresses need bunny tails and they will be ready to start construction.  The dresses have turned out pretty cute.  My older granddaughter is almost to the age where I need to do other designs rather than stacked picture smocking.  I learned to  smock for her when she was three so the younger granddaughter will start wearing those dresses next year.  Maybe then I will be back to smocking one dress per occasion, or maybe not.  I will post pictures tomorrow of the dresses WITH bunny tails.

Yesterday when I was smocking the whiskers on the bunnies, I looked down at my feet because I heard Renegade snoring.  I just happened to have my camera on the table next to me.  Renegade was using his baby as a pillow.

I got up so I could get a shot of him from the front and while taking the picture I noticed he had a line of his “stuff” scattered behind him. Four more stuffed animals.  I think he was mimicking me.  I have my “stuff” around me when I stitch ~ basket with sewing supplies, magazines, telephone, remote control………..  I need to teach him to put his “stuff” back in his basket.  I pick these things up several times a day.

Have a blessed day.