Has it Really Been That Long


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Wow!  I haven’t posted in a while.  I have been busy finishing up projects though.

Using my Spanish Hemstitch foot, I made a bonnet to go with a Christening gown for a dear friend’s granddaughter.  I had made the Christening gown two years ago for the big brother and little sister will wear it also.










I have finished all of the smocking on the Easter dresses and I am blocking them now.  I plan to start assembling them tomorrow.  Because I smocked the collars and the sleeves, it has taken me longer than I anticipated.  However, I did finish a couple other projects in the meantime including the baby quilt which I can’t show you until May. Ohhh how I wish I could show you now!

In progress is Clue #5 of the Inklingo mystery quilt.  This has been a fun project.  Although we are on week 5, please take a look and follow along.  It will be a great project to start at anytime.  The instructions are fantastic.  Even a beginner can do this quilt with Inklingo.  Many quilters are scared to death of blocks with gentle curves and arcs but you can’t miss with the Inklingo technique.  Inklingo has made me a much better piecer and I now tackle projects with confidence that I never dreamed of trying.

Here is a picture of my crazy Labrador Retriever.  Every time I get the ironing board out, he lays in front of it in this position.  He wants me to stop and give him a belly rub.  How disgusting! He occasionally does it with the grandchildren but of course they immediately stop what they are doing and oblige his every whim.  His two front legs are usually straight up in the air.  He gets to go visit them at the end of the week.  I don’t know who gets more excited, Renegade or the grandchildren!










Lately, he has been going to the second story of our home where my sewing room is and lays down and whines.  He is fine if I go upstairs and sew but if I don’t  he stays at the top of the stairs and cries.  He won’t come down when I call him unless I tell him we are going for a walk.  Mr. NCC says that Renegade is the “boss of me”  I believe it!

Back to the mystery quilt.  Thanks for dropping by.





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“Precious” is what my friend Penny calls Mr. NCC.  Hmmmmm, I wasn’t feeling it one day last week.

“Precious” put the honey in the pantry on its cap.  His honey was getting low and it was taking it too long to ease its way out of the bottle.  Before “Precious” went out of town he said, “someone didn’t put the lid on the honey and it  has run out onto the pantry shelf”.  Well it is only me and Precious here and honey isn’t part of my diet.  This was during the time I was helping Penny pack up her house and purge so I was in a purging mood too.

This is my kitchen with everything emptied out of the pantry.









The roses in the background were for Valentine’s Day.  34 Roses for each year we have been married.  Precious became a little more Precious that day ~ a little more~

See the stepped up cabinet shelf there.  The honey was on the first shelf and oozed its way down the two shelves.










After everything was taken out of the pantry and wiped down, I started purging and reorganizing.  We have been in our home for almost three years and I decided that I need to go through this exercise, honey or not, at least that often to clean out.

Everything is organized.  Those are the cookbooks on the top shelf that I don’t use.  Mostly diet cookbooks that I should use.










Side wall of pantry









This is the shelf with the honey.  You are my witness!  Honey cap UP!









Well after all that “Precious” is precious again and I have a very clean and organized pantry.  Sometimes it takes a mess to force a clean up!  Just ask my sewing room! It will be next.


Falling Like Dominoes


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No it is not my weight nor my unfinished projects! However, I am catching up ~ slowly.   I did finish cutting out the HST Inklingo shapes for the rest of the baby quilt.  I changed the layout so I needed more blocks of certain colors.  The leftover HST’s are going in a bin to save for a future project.  Since I had several requests to see the block, my daughter who is having the baby said it was okay to show a gender neutral version.  I did this block in a Civil War sampler last year and my other daughter picked it out as a favorite so I decided it would be fun for the baby.  I didn’t remember how time consuming it was but it is worth it.  The quilt will be adorable.








The block will finish at 5″ and has 37 pieces in each block.  This block can be confusing during construction if you don’t get the HSTs pointed in the correct direction.  I have had to use my “stitch buster” to rip more than a few blocks apart.  I decided to do 30 blocks 6 rows by 5 rows adding a very special bottom row before the borders.  I am excited to see the finish.  I wish I had done a better pressing job for you to see how perfectly the HST go together with Inklingo.  The stitching lines are so exact that I use and open foot instead of my 1/4″ so I can see the stitching lines on the fabric easier.  I also use my dual feed for all my piecing.  The smaller pieces sew much better with dual feed and I find I don’t have to pin as much.

I am off to smock the collars for the dresses.  After smocking the collars, I am doing a fancy stitch on the hem edge of the collar which I have never done before.  If I mess it up, it is back to the old standard collars. Maybe I can start construction next week. Fingers crossed!




“Like an Old Penny

that keeps turning up” ~ an old saying that describes me!  I have resurfaced again!

My three week stint as a household packer ended this weekend when the moving truck pulled out with my best friend and all their belongings.  It was down to the wire to “git ‘er done” but everything turned out wonderful.  She is now in Houston near her children and grandchildren.  She and her husband have found a home but will not be moving in for another month.  I guess I will soon be a household “unpacker”.  I miss her terribly, but she is going to have so much fun watching her grandchildren grow and  experience their activities without having to travel  4 hours. She has also promised frequent trips for our girl time.

Yesterday, I printed all the shapes for the COTSG mystery quilt; Clue #2 and Clue #3.  Last night while catching up on tv shows that I had taped, I cut the shapes out.  Today, I finished sewing the shapes of the clues, so I am now up to date on the mystery quilt.  It is not too late to join!  Click on the Inklingo COTSG button on my side bar and it will take you to the site.  It is free and there are so many tutorials to assist.

Tonight I will finish smocking the sleeves on the Easter dresses so I can start the collars tomorrow.  This is the first time I have smocked dress fronts, collars, and sleeves and it is a lot more smocking than I thought.  I will get a picture tomorrow to update you.  We are having some icky weather and some parts of North Texas may even get sleet so picture taking is not happening today.

Oh, I have also been working on the baby quilt.  Now I really did myself in on this one. There are 32 pieces in each of the 5″ blocks.  I have to make between 30 and 36 blocks depending on the setting I use.  I won’t be able to show you this one until the baby comes (May 21) since daughter reads my blog and she doesn’t know what she is having.  I do have a couple of blocks that are gender neutral so maybe I will post those to show you the block unless I get a note from her that she doesn’t want to see that either.

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday and your Terrific Thursday is filled with a few stitches!





PS  Ha Ha  My friend who moved is named Penny!  I hope she read the entire blog and didn’t think I was calling her OLD!  I didn’t realize the connection to the title until I proofed my post!

New Mystery Quilt with Inklingo


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The Inklingo “mastermind”, Linda Franz is starting a Mystery Quilt using Inklingo’s newest collection, The New York Wheel.  The first clue involves selecting your fabric and cutting your freezer paper.  Come on and jump in ~ Everyone loves a little mystery and we know this one will have a happy ending.

I have cut my freezer paper but not selected my fabric yet.  I know what I am going to title my quilt ~ but it is a secret~ stay posted for the progress and solving the mystery.  I will do my best to stay on top of this quilt top.

I am still helping my friend pack up her house and she still has tons to do and the moving truck comes on Friday!  Oh My!

We had a wonderful Thursday-Sunday with our first born grandson.  He celebrated his 11th birthday with his Nonnie and Papa.  We had so much fun and were blessed every minute that he was here.

See you soon!


Blog Hop Winners~ A Little Cowtown Flavor



Grow Your Blog Hop is over and I have to say that I visited blogs of very talented women.  I have been inspired to do more crafting, pick up the unfinished needlepoint projects that have been stashed for years, and to keep collecting.  (Of course, I will need to give up some of my current collections if I were to add more!)

My two granddaughters were the “random generators” for the winners of the giveaways.  Kelsey chose the number connected to Carol at Arts and Sand and she is receiving the $25 Inklingo gift certificate.  Ella (my thee year old granddaughter)  chose her favorite number 2 which happened to be her mother’s comment.  Since we want to spread the “love”  another number was chosen which belonged to Linda at House of Beautiful Dogs.  She will receive a picture frame adorned with an antique piece.

Since it is rodeo time in Fort Worth, I wanted to share a little of “Cowtown” with you.

The Grand Entry


DSC08367 DSC08372 DSC08373 DSC08374 DSC08377 DSC08381 DSC08392

We still have prayer at the rodeo.





Flag Salute  (Our Fort Worth police officerswear cowboy hats.  When the Sheriff’s Department horseback unit passed the flag, they removed their hats and saluted.




Matching Palominos were beautiful.  They were carrying the 6 Flags over Texas

Six National Flags have flown over Texas.

Texas under Spain 1519 – 1685; 1690-1821

Texas under France 1685-1690

Texas under Mexico 1821-1836

Texas in the Confederacy 1861-1865

Texas in the United States

1845-1861; 1865 to present









Great action shot





cattle wrestling






Getting ready to ride





This is a local Cafe about 1/2 mile from my home.  The Montgomery Street Cafe has been in Fort Worth since 1949. Some of the waitresses have been there since the beginning.  It has bar stool seating, booths around the perimeter and some tables squeezed in between.  Yes, squeezed.  My favorite is the breakfast special: two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, hashbrowns or grits and biscuits and gravy.  You can even add a side of pancakes.  The food is typical old cafe food but I love it.  I love the decor which probably has never been changed since their opening.  I love it because it is across the street from the coliseum where horse shows happen about 9 months out of the year.  For several weeks in January and a couple in February we have the Fort Worth Stock Show.  I mention that because you will see real cowboys with their big belt buckles (some are real championship buckles) cowboy hats and spurs. (Nothing like a physical fit cowboy in his wranglers, hat and spurs on his boots!)  Okay back to the Cafe

When was the last time you saw a refrigerator that looked like this










A view of the mural on the wall and booth seating










The barstool seating










Outdoor sign










What you see is what you get ~ and it is goooooood!

Have a wonderful day!


Blog Hop, Italian Dinner Night and Applique Blocks

The blog hop continues ~ I have managed to visit over half of them and so impressed with how many talented people out in blogland.  I am having 2 giveaways, so scroll down to the original post and leave a comment to be entered.

Last night  I had an Italian Dinner for my husband’s staff of 13 people.  Here is a picture of the invitations (found idea on Pinterest) Basil is planted in the tomato can.










This is a picture of the flowers for the table.  I am not a flower arranger so for me this was a pretty good stab at it.  I continued on with the tomato can theme (my creative contribution)








On the main table I used the pottery we had made in Positano Italy when were there in 2006.  I tied the napkins with raffia stems of Rosemary.  It smelled wonderful

















The second smaller table was red and white check and I used pottery from Pier One.








DSC08332I love the wine bottles converted to oil lamps.








Here are a few food pictures. Spaghetti sauce
















Antipasta platter








The dessert speaks for itself ~ Apple Pie, Coconut Cream Pie and Chocolate Cream Pie ~ The pies came from a French Bakery in town.

DSC08341 DSC08342 DSC08343



















The meal turned out great and everyone had a fun, relaxing time.  I had traditional Italian music playing in the background thanks to Pandora.

I stayed up until 1:30am  cleaning up and loading the dishwasher.  It was only a drop in the bucket.  Every counter in my kitchen was loaded with “dirties”.  This is what I woke up to this morning.  Took me 4 more hours to clean up.



I have a quick turnaround because we are having house guests arrive tomorrow afternoon.  No prob!




Finally to my appliqué blocks.  When I have some breathing room, I will take a count and see how many more I have to go.

DSC08321 DSC08320 DSC08319







Hope you have time for some stitching today.



Blog hopping ~ Dinner Prep


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I am still making my way through the blogs, getting to know some very talented people thanks to Vicki over at 2bags full. (See my previous post)

I will be back tomorrow with pictures of 3 newly completed appliqué blocks.  They were all in different stages of “finish” and I finally completed them during my quiet time. (?)

Right now I am preparing an Italian night dinner for 13 of my husband’s staff.  Lots of pictures tomorrow ~ my tablescape is pretty cute.  Today, I need to be out picking up flowers and other last minute items.  Sorry to rush but I am on the “run”.

If you are stitching today, do a few stitches for me!


Grow Your Blog Party


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Today is Grow Your Blog Day!

Our hostess for this event is Vicki at 2 Bags Full.  Please visit Vicki’s blog (button on side bar) to see all the participants and to leave a nice comment for Vicki. A special thank you to Vicki for her hard work in coordinating this event.

Welcome new blog readers and thank you for visiting my blog.

My blog is mostly about sewing, quilting and smocking.  I also share about my family, Renegade ~ our chocolate labrador retriever, travels, sailing and a little crafting.  I hope you like what you see and will visit often.

I love doing reproduction quilts and often find inspiration in quilt history books.  The quilt that is in the banner of my blog is one of those quilts and is pictured below.  It was originally pieced in 1863.  I did not have a pattern for the quilt but used modern technology to figure out exactly how the quilt was made.  My quilt is hand pieced using Inklingo which I think is the most innovative quilting tool available today.








The following quilt is a Seven Sisters pattern that I also hand pieced using the Inklingo shapes.  I should mention that I do one large hand pieced project a year.  Since I travel quite a bit, I try to have a portable hand piecing project ready at all times.








This next quilt top is also an antique reproduction quilt.  The sunflowers were hand pieced using Inklingo and the pinwheels, consisting of half square triangles, were Inklingo machine pieced.  It is headed to the long arm quilter next week.








Over the Christmas holidays, my daughters and I “got crafty” and made picture frames from antique jewelry.  One led to two, three, four until we had a “slew of them”.  I will be having two Giveaways for the “Grow your Blog” event ~ an Inklingo gift certificate and a picture frame.  The picture frame will be similar to the one below.

Image 3









Second Giveaway is an Inklingo Gift Certificate.

sunflower button






Winners will be notified on February 1 and chosen randomly. These prizes are open to everyone…domestic and internationally; you only have to leave a comment and a way for me to contact you. No anonymous comments and your e-address has to be linked with your name or in your comment along with  “Crafty” or “Quilter” or “Other” so I can tailor your prize to your interest.

You’re invited to follow my blog but it’s not a requirement to win and your kind, thoughtful comments are most welcome.

Hope your day includes a few stitches and many blessings.


Grow your Blog Event, Dogs and Smocking


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Vicki at 2BagsFull is hosting a Grow your Blog Event (see button on Side Bar).  I will be participating starting on January 19.  This should be a fun event.  I will have two Give Aways on February 1.  Please tune in and be prepared to visit some interesting blogs.

Having a wonderful trip and enjoying Daughter #2, son-in-law and grand dog (and the weather!).

Granddog has really grown.








She is very sweet and smart.  Just like a toddler, she is very active, inquisitive, and attached.  She likes to keep me in eyeshot most of the time.

My old hound dog, Renegade (chocolate lab), turned 8 years old on December 14.  He is still a puppy at heart.  I love it that he adores me!  He does this when he wants attention and a belly rub.  A little obnoxious but look at that flexibility!  He is with the grandchildren and Daughter #1 while I am away.  He loves it there because the children spoil him so much.










The smocked dresses are coming along.   I only have the vine and flowers to do and the big girl dress should be ready for backsmocking tonight.








Below is the little girl dress.








Have a blessed day!