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I managed to get a quick picture of the girls in their Easter dresses.









Here is a picture of my handsome grandson with the girls.  Unfortunately, little peanut was not in the mood for pictures and I was unable to get a good one of all three of them.









I will be taking a blogging break.  I am headed to the Exumas to do some sailing.  I will be extending my trip to help crew the sailboat back to Tampa Bay.  I have a reserved excitement regarding the return since I will be helping to crew a “crossing”.  We will be crossing the Gulf Stream and sailing 24/7.  Most of the trip we will not have land in sight.  I have sailed without seeing land before but not for an extended period.  I am calling this my trial trip to see if I am really willing to do a cross ocean sailing trip which is on my and Mr NCC’s  bucket list.  I am praying for good weather and good wind!

I didn’t have time to prep an Inklingo project so I will be taking my Grandmothers dresden plates with me.  You can read about them here.  I had enough blocks to do a quilt for both daughters.  One is assembled but the other needs work.  Just in case I get them appliquéd down over the next few weeks, I am taking some Inklingo diamonds that I received in several swaps, many eons ago.  (Thank you for the reminder, Cathi).

I will be thinking about you all when I am here………

Digital image

Digital image