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Wow!  I haven’t posted in a while.  I have been busy finishing up projects though.

Using my Spanish Hemstitch foot, I made a bonnet to go with a Christening gown for a dear friend’s granddaughter.  I had made the Christening gown two years ago for the big brother and little sister will wear it also.










I have finished all of the smocking on the Easter dresses and I am blocking them now.  I plan to start assembling them tomorrow.  Because I smocked the collars and the sleeves, it has taken me longer than I anticipated.  However, I did finish a couple other projects in the meantime including the baby quilt which I can’t show you until May. Ohhh how I wish I could show you now!

In progress is Clue #5 of the Inklingo mystery quilt.  This has been a fun project.  Although we are on week 5, please take a look and follow along.  It will be a great project to start at anytime.  The instructions are fantastic.  Even a beginner can do this quilt with Inklingo.  Many quilters are scared to death of blocks with gentle curves and arcs but you can’t miss with the Inklingo technique.  Inklingo has made me a much better piecer and I now tackle projects with confidence that I never dreamed of trying.

Here is a picture of my crazy Labrador Retriever.  Every time I get the ironing board out, he lays in front of it in this position.  He wants me to stop and give him a belly rub.  How disgusting! He occasionally does it with the grandchildren but of course they immediately stop what they are doing and oblige his every whim.  His two front legs are usually straight up in the air.  He gets to go visit them at the end of the week.  I don’t know who gets more excited, Renegade or the grandchildren!










Lately, he has been going to the second story of our home where my sewing room is and lays down and whines.  He is fine if I go upstairs and sew but if I don’t  he stays at the top of the stairs and cries.  He won’t come down when I call him unless I tell him we are going for a walk.  Mr. NCC says that Renegade is the “boss of me”  I believe it!

Back to the mystery quilt.  Thanks for dropping by.