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“Precious” is what my friend Penny calls Mr. NCC.  Hmmmmm, I wasn’t feeling it one day last week.

“Precious” put the honey in the pantry on its cap.  His honey was getting low and it was taking it too long to ease its way out of the bottle.  Before “Precious” went out of town he said, “someone didn’t put the lid on the honey and it  has run out onto the pantry shelf”.  Well it is only me and Precious here and honey isn’t part of my diet.  This was during the time I was helping Penny pack up her house and purge so I was in a purging mood too.

This is my kitchen with everything emptied out of the pantry.









The roses in the background were for Valentine’s Day.  34 Roses for each year we have been married.  Precious became a little more Precious that day ~ a little more~

See the stepped up cabinet shelf there.  The honey was on the first shelf and oozed its way down the two shelves.










After everything was taken out of the pantry and wiped down, I started purging and reorganizing.  We have been in our home for almost three years and I decided that I need to go through this exercise, honey or not, at least that often to clean out.

Everything is organized.  Those are the cookbooks on the top shelf that I don’t use.  Mostly diet cookbooks that I should use.










Side wall of pantry









This is the shelf with the honey.  You are my witness!  Honey cap UP!









Well after all that “Precious” is precious again and I have a very clean and organized pantry.  Sometimes it takes a mess to force a clean up!  Just ask my sewing room! It will be next.