that keeps turning up” ~ an old saying that describes me!  I have resurfaced again!

My three week stint as a household packer ended this weekend when the moving truck pulled out with my best friend and all their belongings.  It was down to the wire to “git ‘er done” but everything turned out wonderful.  She is now in Houston near her children and grandchildren.  She and her husband have found a home but will not be moving in for another month.  I guess I will soon be a household “unpacker”.  I miss her terribly, but she is going to have so much fun watching her grandchildren grow and  experience their activities without having to travel  4 hours. She has also promised frequent trips for our girl time.

Yesterday, I printed all the shapes for the COTSG mystery quilt; Clue #2 and Clue #3.  Last night while catching up on tv shows that I had taped, I cut the shapes out.  Today, I finished sewing the shapes of the clues, so I am now up to date on the mystery quilt.  It is not too late to join!  Click on the Inklingo COTSG button on my side bar and it will take you to the site.  It is free and there are so many tutorials to assist.

Tonight I will finish smocking the sleeves on the Easter dresses so I can start the collars tomorrow.  This is the first time I have smocked dress fronts, collars, and sleeves and it is a lot more smocking than I thought.  I will get a picture tomorrow to update you.  We are having some icky weather and some parts of North Texas may even get sleet so picture taking is not happening today.

Oh, I have also been working on the baby quilt.  Now I really did myself in on this one. There are 32 pieces in each of the 5″ blocks.  I have to make between 30 and 36 blocks depending on the setting I use.  I won’t be able to show you this one until the baby comes (May 21) since daughter reads my blog and she doesn’t know what she is having.  I do have a couple of blocks that are gender neutral so maybe I will post those to show you the block unless I get a note from her that she doesn’t want to see that either.

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday and your Terrific Thursday is filled with a few stitches!





PS  Ha Ha  My friend who moved is named Penny!  I hope she read the entire blog and didn’t think I was calling her OLD!  I didn’t realize the connection to the title until I proofed my post!