Grow Your Blog Hop is over and I have to say that I visited blogs of very talented women.  I have been inspired to do more crafting, pick up the unfinished needlepoint projects that have been stashed for years, and to keep collecting.  (Of course, I will need to give up some of my current collections if I were to add more!)

My two granddaughters were the “random generators” for the winners of the giveaways.  Kelsey chose the number connected to Carol at Arts and Sand and she is receiving the $25 Inklingo gift certificate.  Ella (my thee year old granddaughter)  chose her favorite number 2 which happened to be her mother’s comment.  Since we want to spread the “love”  another number was chosen which belonged to Linda at House of Beautiful Dogs.  She will receive a picture frame adorned with an antique piece.

Since it is rodeo time in Fort Worth, I wanted to share a little of “Cowtown” with you.

The Grand Entry


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We still have prayer at the rodeo.





Flag Salute  (Our Fort Worth police officerswear cowboy hats.  When the Sheriff’s Department horseback unit passed the flag, they removed their hats and saluted.




Matching Palominos were beautiful.  They were carrying the 6 Flags over Texas

Six National Flags have flown over Texas.

Texas under Spain 1519 – 1685; 1690-1821

Texas under France 1685-1690

Texas under Mexico 1821-1836

Texas in the Confederacy 1861-1865

Texas in the United States

1845-1861; 1865 to present









Great action shot





cattle wrestling






Getting ready to ride





This is a local Cafe about 1/2 mile from my home.  The Montgomery Street Cafe has been in Fort Worth since 1949. Some of the waitresses have been there since the beginning.  It has bar stool seating, booths around the perimeter and some tables squeezed in between.  Yes, squeezed.  My favorite is the breakfast special: two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, hashbrowns or grits and biscuits and gravy.  You can even add a side of pancakes.  The food is typical old cafe food but I love it.  I love the decor which probably has never been changed since their opening.  I love it because it is across the street from the coliseum where horse shows happen about 9 months out of the year.  For several weeks in January and a couple in February we have the Fort Worth Stock Show.  I mention that because you will see real cowboys with their big belt buckles (some are real championship buckles) cowboy hats and spurs. (Nothing like a physical fit cowboy in his wranglers, hat and spurs on his boots!)  Okay back to the Cafe

When was the last time you saw a refrigerator that looked like this










A view of the mural on the wall and booth seating










The barstool seating










Outdoor sign










What you see is what you get ~ and it is goooooood!

Have a wonderful day!