I am in sunny Florida where it is going to be 82 degrees for the rest of the week.  I left Texas where the temps will be in the mid 40’s through Wednesday.

When I am visiting daughter #2 I get in a lot of walking which is nice since walking outside in Texas this time of year is challenging.  Her neighborhood is a convenient walk to a grocery store, post office,  restaurants, and shops.  There are a string of lakes in the area making walking a scenic experience.  Today, her German Shepherd puppy went with me. We both need the exercise!  She is passed out and enjoying life right now.  She couldn’t wait for me to get up this morning and kept throwing herself  into my bedroom door.  She eventually conned me out of bed with a few desperate whimpers!

I have been working on the smocked Easter dresses this afternoon and think I will have both of the fronts finished in a few days.  The big girl dress has quite a bit of back smocking so that may delay completion.  I did bring the collars along to smock in case I get ahead of myself ~ along with several applique blocks, and the “new” baby quilt.

Applique blocks ………………. continuing


















Hope your day is sunny and includes a few stitches!