I am doing a little “sprucing” up of my blog.  After all, Ella, said “Happy New You”.  I am still fiddlin’ with it a bit so if you have any problems reading or finding posts of interest, just let me know.

I had a wonderful day yesterday, as I was able to attend THE sonogram of my newest grand baby that is on the way.  Everything is looking great and the little blessing will be here on May 21st.  Our daughter  is doing fine and the siblings are anxiously awaiting “its” arrival.  They have their own predictions of what the baby will be.  I had on a pink shirt yesterday and made it very clear that it was neither a preference or a prediction.  This is number 4 for daughter number 1 and they never find out the gender……but of course Nonnie needs to know (for sewing purposes).  My daughter pulled a fast one on me though and posted to her facebook page that I had the “info”.  Wow, that is a lot of pressure to tell people “I’m sworn to secrecy”!  I had three phone calls before I got home from the doctors office.  Well the quilt is already planned and unfortunately I will not be posting pictures since it will definitely give away the highly guarded secret.  (Daughters read my blog!)

I layed out the applique blocks and found they are more interesting to look at as a group rather than individually.  I must be the slowest stitcher ever when it comes to applique. I think the longest process for me is to determine the best method since there are no instructions ~ just pattern sketches.  Here are three more finished blocks:
























Have a fabulous Friday!