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Thank goodness for rain.  North Texas is getting a good steady soaking.  Everything seems so much fresher even though the temps are still very cool.  Hopefully it will wash away some of the allergens that have caused so much sickness throughout the fall and winter.  The rain is my gratitude for the day!  Well there may be others, but I am trying to  express my gratitude for at least one thing each day!  Several bloggers are journaling their “gratitude for the day” in 2013.     Yesterday, an elderly lady was trying to get her umbrella open outside the fabric store I was visiting.  She had just come from the beauty shop next door.  I stopped and put my purchases down and helped her push the button on her umbrella.  Her response, thank you sweety, made my day.   My gratitude yesterday ~ that I was able to help someone and they appreciated it.  It is amazing how many opportunities there are to show or be grateful.  It certainly makes for a happier “you”.  I think my little granddaughter was on to something when she wished her family “A Happy New You” instead of “Happy New Year”.

In the smocking project department, I have one dress front smocked and starting on dress number two.  Next I will smock the sleeves and collars ~ this is going to be a really “smocked up dress”.  Pictures to follow soon.

Still working on the applique project and have a few more blocks to share.  These blocks were finished during a road trip.  I have three newly completed blocks that I will show when I get them photographed in the near.






























My tiny stars are bagged and ready for their trip.  I will alternate working on them and the smocked dresses.  The dresses have to be the priority until they are finished.  Needless to say, I have added about 3 more projects to my list but they are still in the planning stages.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!