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I have finished everything that I need to do for Christmas including baking and wrapping my presents.  Whew!  I can sit back and relax and enjoy the holidays while contemplating my next hand piecing Inklingo project (I usually do one large hand piecing quilt a year) and my other projects for 2013.

When I am not working with an Inklingo project, I work on a very large applique quilt.  I never thought it would turn into a multi year project but I suppose we all have one of those.  Some of the blocks appear very simple and some very detailed.  Since I am not a huge appliquer and my skills are a little lacking, it takes me longer than the “average bear.”

Here are a few more blocks.


































When all of the blocks are together, it looks a little more impressive.  I think I may have around 18 more blocks to go.  Most are already prepped so I think I will work on it for the rest of the year.

To get a little ahead of the game, I have the fabric selected and it is being pleated for the two dresses I will do for the granddaughters’ Easter dresses.  Easter is early this year (end of March) I decided to do one for each of the girls.  The younger one can now wear the dresses I did for the older granddaughter when she was that age, but I am trying a twist to the basic style.  Of course, you will see the progress.    Well that is one/two things on the list for 2013……..

Here is your Christmas Trivia for the day

In Italy, children put their shoes by their door before Epiphany and the next morning they awake to presents.

Ooh La La!, In France, children put their shoes in front of the fireplace for Father Christmas to fill with gifts.

In “The Year without Santa Claus” (1974) Santa’s top elves are Jingle and Jangle.

In 1925 it was discovered there were no reindeer at the North Pole but there are in Lapland Finland.

The puppet portraying Jack Skellington in “The Nightmare Before Christmas” had over 400 different heads.

LED Christmas lights consume 90% less electricity than regular lights.

Holiday Blessings,