Today I finished the last must do sewing project for Christmas ~ I think!

My sweet #3 grandchild who is three years old called me on the phone about a month ago.  (Yes, she knows how to use the speed dial on the telephone!)  This is how the conversation went:

Ella: Nonnie, this is Ella. (I love the way she says her name. She really pronunciates her “L”s. And, I knew who she was without her having to tell me :>)!)

Nonnie:   Well good morning Ella, what are you doing?

Ella:  Nonnie, I need a bra. (Flat and direct)

Nonnie:  A bra?  Did you say a bra?  (I know I heard her correctly ~ but juuussssttt checking!)

Ella:  Yes ma’am, a bra. (So, polite, my grandchildren)

Nonnie:  You don’t need a bra.  What do you need a bra for?

Ella:  I need a bra so I won’t get my clothes dirty when I cook with my Daddy. (They were cooking pancakes together that morning)

Nonnie:  (So relieved)  Ooohhhh!  You mean an apron!

Ella:  No ma’am,  a bra ~ you put it over your head and ……….. (She lost me here!)

Nonnie:  Well I think I can make you a bra………..apron!

So, an apron is now affectionately referred to in our family as a “bra pon”

Here is Ella’s Christmas “bra pon”.  It is a reversible scalloped apron that you put over your head and………..

keep your clothes from getting dirty when you cook with your Daddy!  It has side pockets and a chest pocket.












And it is monogrammed. Also below is the reverse side. I wonder if she will like the polka dot side or the floral side.  We will find out Christmas Day!

DSC08017 DSC08018












Christmas Trivia

Candy Canes started as a treat to keep the children’s choir quiet during ceremonies in the late 1600’s.

Hollywood’s Christmas Parade began in 1928 and was originally called Santa Claus Lane Parade.

In Frosty the Snowman (1969) Professor Hinckle’s rabbit is named Hocus Pocus.

In a Christmas Story, the pole on which Flick gets his tongue stuck had a device that sucked air in it to hold his tongue on the pole.

Italians start Christmas on 12/17 a date they refer to as Novena

In Frosty the Snowman, Santa tells Professor Hinckle he will never again get a present if he touches Frosty’s hat.

Have a wonderful weekend.