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Well I call it diversion but it is what it is ……… procrastination.  Or I could say that my poor finger is sore and needs a break.  I am one of the rare breeds that cannot use a thimble and I have tried them all!

Today, I decided to make a Thanksgiving/Christmas pillow.

Here is what I have done so far.

The standard pillow that will serve for both holidays.  It is way stuffed  ~ two bags of fill.  I have to finish stitching the side seam.

I machine embroidered the wrappers or sleeves.  This is the Thanksgiving sleeve.  I have to attach the cording yet.  You can see it on one side of the sleeve.

There is a word embroidered on the back too

Next I did the Christmas sleeve.  The fabric is a dark red~almost burgundy but my camera doesn’t know it!

Here is the word on the back

This is what it looks like on the pillow.

I will show you the finished result in a day or two.

My grandchildren are coming up today for a few days.  I will be helping my granddaughter get started on her 4H project.  She has already been through my stash and selected her fabric and gone through my books and selected the blocks.  She has decided to do a table topper.  I will post pictures of her projects.  She has been practicing sewing on old swap blocks that I gave to her so I am confident that she can handle this project.

Happy Thursday