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Hi friends,

I have been traveling and away from blogging for quite a while.  It seems when I am home, the duties of washing and repacking take precedence over blogging.  However, I have had the opportunity to get some sewing done.

I completed 4 more blocks of appliqué which I have not photographed.  I think I may have 12 more blocks to do.  I haven’t even taken the time to count but all are prepped and ready.  This is my fill in project and I work on it when I don’t have an Inklingo project going on.

Speaking of Inklingo projects.  The 1845 quilt of Virginia that I am replicating is coming along nicely.  This weekend, I printed the last 11 sheets of  Inklingo HST’s that I need for the sashing.  They need to be pressed and made into pinwheels.  Here is my progress so far………

It is half way assembled and very exciting to be nearing a finish. I have already started to think about how I would like it to be quilted.

I finished smocking GD#1 Christmas dress and will assemble it this week.  GD#2 is wearing the dress GD#1 wore when she was 3 so they coordinate.  I am now only making 1 dress for special holidays since GD#2 can wear her older sister’s dresses.  This smocking plate is called Alpine Winter.

I have two quilts that have been waiting for binding for quite a while and I have them almost completed.  One was Mr. NCC’s quilt that I made last year.  After a cold snap a few weeks ago he asked me about his quilt!  Ooops!  He should be sleeping under it in the next few days!  The other quilt has been waiting for binding about 4-5 years.  Yes, YEARS!  Well  better late than never! I will post pictures of them when BOTH are complete.  Although, I have shown them before  they deserve another moment in the spotlight.

Last weekend we were in Florida for a business conference and we spent the weekend with daughter #2  She and her husband have a new puppy which I mentioned in a previous post.  She is 5 months old and is growing so fast.  She is a pistol right now but very sweet.

Her red ball lasted about 3 minutes!

I am on a mailing list for estate sales in my area. I miss so many of them because of our travel. Last Friday we were flying out around 1 pm and had to leave for the airport at 11 am.  This particular estate sale started the day we were leaving at 9:00 am.

I managed to get to the estate sale for the opening bell  and by 9:30am  I was headed home with………

this narrow bookcase.  It  has wonderful detailing.  I love the wooden beadwork down the sides. Because of the  detailing on the legs, I thought they were wooden and was surprised that they were iron.  Very unusual.

This also followed me home…….

I couldn’t believe it.  For years I have been searching for a “reasonably priced” spool cabinet and in 4 months, I have two.  This one is in perfect condition with the original knobs and lettering.  I will have to do some research on it to determine the age and area it came from.  I have not found a good place for it and  may resell it because I am running out of  space in my sewing room.

This is where it is living right now…..

Below my Brainard and Armstrong spool cabinet. Hmmmm.

Hope your day is filled with many blessings and a few stitches.