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I made it back from our French river canal trip, only to be sick for two weeks.  One solid week was spent in the recliner with kleenex stuffed up my nose.  Not a pretty sight.

Currently, I am enjoying the beautiful weather in Carmel CA after spending the weekend at my husband’s high school class reunion in Florida.  I can’t say that attending class reunions are much fun for spouses who didn’t attend the school.  Fortunately, there are spouses of life long friends that are in the same situation as me that attend which eases the pain a bit.  Everyone knew who we were because we were always clumped together as our husbands “circulated”.  One of our husbands (won’t say who he belonged to hint hint) came over and said, “I want you to meet so and so”.  All three of us dutifully got up from our table and conversation to meet so and so. The husband placed us in front of the Miss So and So and immediately disappeared.    Everyone greeted each other but I was the one Miss so and so zeroed in on for the one on one. Here I was  Face to face with so and so, exchanging the normal nice-ities ~ where do you live, how many kids do you have, do you have grandkids, do you work, are you retired, etc.  (I already knew  all the good dirt so this was just being cordial).  My two  friends were standing beside me but continuing their conversation.  Left me hanging right there!  After about three minutes Miss so and so and I had exchanged all there was to say  and we stood just looking at each other.  It was one of those awkward moments where neither of us knew how to graciously remove ourselves.  I am sure she was as eager to be through with me as I was with her.  I inched back a few steps and reached behind me and yanked on the skirt of one of my friends to come to my rescue.  I couldn’t believe they abandoned me too!  Fortunately, Miss so and so had someone come up and rescue her too.  That did it for me.  Me and the two other wives left and went across the hall to the  bar area of the yacht club to watch the end of a football game.  Thank goodness I have 10 years before I will be repeating this experience.  And yes, I will probably put myself through it again because I love my husband and the wives of our friends with whom we have maintained a 40+ year friendship.

So during the French trip, I finished about 10 applique  blocks which I will post later in the week.  Last week I did another couple hundred pinwheels for my 1845 quilt.  While here in Carmel, I am smocking a Christmas dress for the older granddaughter.

Here are a few pictures from our  Canal trip.  We were on the  Canal du Midi in the southern part of France.

There were vineyards along the entire canal.

We would stop in and they would fill our container ~ 5 litres for $6-$7  I figured it came to 13 cents a glass

We went to the market in one of the small villages and a dog grooming truck was there.  Look at the little dog in the truck.  Quite an operation with all the pulleys and straps.

Check out his buddy in the stroller waiting his turn ~  He  looked like he was wondering what was happening!

This is a “hotel” canal barge.  Some of them had hot tubs on them.

We ate well.  The guys did the cooking.

We had to take the barge through locks and work the lines.  Elaine worked the bow and I had the stern.

Some of the bridges were a tight squeeze.  Reminded me of putting on my Spanx!

It was a great time.  (By the way, Elaine pictured above flaked out on the class reunion and opted for a wedding instead!) She owes her friend (me!)

Have a great day