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I know that since I titled the post “kitty, kitty”,  you are thinking that I acquired a cute little kitten.  I just had to share this picture with you.  My daughter and her husband adopted an outdoor cat when their neighbors moved and couldn’t take Moe with them.  He has remained a predominantly outdoor cat and over the last two years he has become more friendly……on his terms.  He comes in for a little kitty dope…..I mean, catnip and to have his dinner.

My daughter had to transport him to the vet to get his annual shots.  This is the first time she has done it because the previous owner had always come by to do it.  She borrowed a kitty transport and this is what she encountered……


Moe looks totally possessed and is MAD.  Apparently he did well until his third shot and he REALLY freaked out.  She said both his front and back legs were splayed stiff into a “V”.  He was so traumatized he started shedding like crazy.  I wonder if the vet had ever seen anything like that before.  He has since forgiven her (slightly) and has started to come around again.  Food will do that to a cat!

Secretly, I really like this cat a lot.  Probably, because he is not a clingy cat and is so independent. AND he has such an attitude.  Sometimes he follows you down the sidewalk like a dog.

I will be traveling again soon so this week I am gathering some hand piecing projects together for the long trip.  Or, I may just come up with a new project to take along.  I am thinking about a pieced border for the quilt I did using my grandmother’s Dresden plates that I inherited. (previous post)

My thought is to combine an applique border of flower stems and leaves with “grandmother’s flower garden” hexagon flowers made with the new Inklingo collection.  The hexagons are tiny ~ .375″.  You can see the collection here.  They would be quick to stitch ~ one load of the needle and the side is stitched.  I will play a little more with the idea before I finalize it.  Hope you find a little stitching time today.