I had a wonderful day yesterday.  My grandchildren came up for a quick visit and to bring back Renegade, the Labrador Retriever that we dog share.  I say dog share because they take care of him when we travel and he loves them as much as me.  He is always depressed for a day or two when he has to come home.  He sat on the porch and watched them drive away with them shouting “we love you Renegade”……

He is a big boy!

So back to birthday girl.

She is eight years old today.

She shares her middle name with me and her momma.

She is gentle and kind.

A wonderful sister, friend, daughter, niece and granddaughter.

She loves to read. In 2-1/2 week she read the 11 books we gave her for her birthday!

Thanks to her parents, she has a strong faith that is mature beyond her years.

Here she is making a wish when we were out to dinner for my birthday at the end of July.  She believes that wishes and dreams come true.  She was wishing to go visit her Aunt Jennifer in Florida. She was squeezing her eyes shut so tight and we could see her lips moving.

And because she loves horses so much, we took her to a rodeo for her birthday.

Little Sweetheart, Papa and I love you very much and we hope all of your dreams and wishes come true too!  Happy Birthday.

Love Nonnie