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I have been away for awhile for a number of reasons.  Due to wrist and arm pain, I stopped hand piecing and spending time on the computer until I recovered or received a diagnosis of my problems.  The pain has subsided but no diagnosis.  I was tested for carpal tunnel in my wrist and elbow ~ all negative thank goodness; x-rayed ~ nothing broken; and a nerve test performed ~ still nothing.  Movements and motions in my arm that prevented me from sewing and typing are gone with just a little discomfort remaining.  It could have been a flare up from old lingering injuries from two car accidents and two falls who knows.  I will try a different specialist if and when it happens again.  Anyway, enough of the “woes”.

I have just returned from a 10 day visit to see my daughter.  She has a new puppy.  We bonded immediately and she became my sewing buddy.  Here is a picture of her at a friend’s mini triathlon.  She was tired from a full morning of socializing.  I will post better pictures when I take them off my Iphone.

What quilt were we working on while visiting my daughter?  Well, I was 2 months behind on a block of the month so I pieced 8 blocks to catch up and then I finished putting it together.  Every block is different and all the blocks are made of HST and a few QST thrown in.  I love the mitered striped border.  I think I have only done a couple of the mitered borders in the past so I was a little hesitant but everything turned out fine. I really like the way a mitered bordered takes your eye from the edge to the blocks.

The striped border made the mitering a little challenging but it also frames the blocks in the quilt very well.  Here is a close up of the mitered corner.

The block of the month (it was actually 4 blocks a month) is from Paula Barnes at Red Crinoline Quilts and is called Cotton Club.  In case you are interested Paula has another block of the month starting in October at various quilt stores around the country called Freedom Rings.  Lone Star House of Quilts in Arlington, TX will be offering this 7 month project.

Have you heard of Snitz?  Or ever made your own peanut butter?  Tomorrow I will show you what my “machine” was working on while I was not able to stitch and share few recipes too.

Until then ~ hope you are able to take a stitch or two.