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I am pleased to report that I only have two more half sunflower blocks to piece.  Seven are without the background pieces which I will have to add when I resupply my background fabric (it is on backorder).  I have my fingers crossed that it REALLY will be shipped.

I am still making the pinwheels.  I try and do 4 sheets a day (one of each color).  Sheets meaning, printing HSTs on fabric with Inklingo.

Place the Inklingo printed background fabric RST with the color print fabric and stitch on the dotted lines; cut on the solid lines; and you have your HSTs.

This is so much better than the paper stuff because you don’t have to pick the paper off.  I have tried the paper way many times and have found a couple of things happen: some of my stitches pull out, paper gets stuck in the stitches, and it is tedious and messy to pull the paper off.  Also with the paper stuff, I have to use my paper cutting scissors which don’t cut as well and change my sewing needle more often.

Using Inklingo, the pinwheels come out perfect.  I don’t have to make them larger and trim to size to square them up which saves a lot of time and fabric.

I added two more sashing borders to a block to see what it would look like just because I couldn’t wait.

I just might make my goal date for the finish of this top after all.

Have a great day!