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Since the baby shower a couple of weeks ago, I have completed a few major projects on my list.

We hosted a ministry dinner for 24 attendees for Opportunity International.  They serve the poorest of the poor around the world who are trying to work their way out of poverty.  It is a “Hand UP not a Hand OUT” ministry and the evening was wonderful.

I realized there was only two weeks before our 4th of July family reunion and I had only monogrammed the bodice of the sundresses I was making for my granddaughters.  I always put myself under the gun but because I was homebound for two days with repairman, I knocked them out.

Here is a picture

Okay, I know I showed you the red cabbage my daughter grew in her garden that was larger than a basketball.

Now I have to show you the Zucchini.  There were several of these that we picked on Saturday.

As you can see, it is taller than my paper towel holder by a long shot.  I made shrimp kabobs and they were loaded with Zucchini and Squash from her garden.  Thank you daughter!

I am reevaluating the progress on my Virginia Sunflower quilt to make sure I have plenty of Inklingo shapes printed to complete the 12 half sunflowers.  This part of the quilt is hand piecing which I will work on while traveling.  I have a couple of car trips and flights over the next several weeks which will be a perfect time to stitch.  (I am so fortunate to be able to read and stitch in the car without getting motion sickness.)  I finished printing about 1500 pinwheels and will work on machine piecing those while I am at home. I need more background fabric to finish those up.

Have a great day.