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Saturday I gave a baby shower for one of my husband’s employees and his wife.  They are a darling couple expecting their first child.  They are not going to know the baby’s gender and are doing a neutral nursery so I decided on a Winnie the Pooh Woodsy theme.  Some ideas I got from Pinterest and the others came to me when I was brainstorming with myself.

This was the front door. I scavenged the wood from old fencing that my neighbor had thrown out.

I also scavenged the neighborhood for twigs that I tied around square flower vases holding votive candles.

I used mini clay pots and made food signs

I used burlap that was scrunched around the table that made a path through the 100 Aker Woods.  The tree stumps that were used as food risers were cut from the very old oak tree that was uprooted by a tornado and thrown into our church building in April.  They were very heavy and ranged from 3-7″ thick and about 15″ in diameter.

Here are some shots of the food:  Eeyore’s Egg Salad Sandwiches; Kanga’s Kucumber pouches, Pooh’s Hunny Ham and Hunny Mustard sandwiches; Piglets pigs in a blanket; Owl’s Wize Water…..

This could go on and on but two of my favorites were the Cheesecake in a jar and Tigger’s Bouncy Pasta Salad .  I also had clay pots with Bit O Honey candy, Gummy Bears, and Pretzel rods; veggies from Rabbits garden; and of course the Pooh cake.

I took sayings from the book and made cards to put around the room.

Here is the entire table.  I also had Pooh in a wooden wagon along with Tigger and a bear dressed like a bee. (At the time the picture was taken, Pooh was not holding his red balloon).

It was a fun shower.  My sidekick, Penny, came over and helped me arrange the table and she rolled all of the pigs in a blanket.  I will post a picture of us later in the week at a Tamale cooking class.  She is a hoot and always gets me into things I normally wouldn’t try.  It is to be seen if we ever make tamales at home.  They were delicious but labor intensive.

Have a great day!