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I had great plans this weekend to make the girl’s sundresses and then start on the 1700 HST’s I need for the sunflower quilt.  I know I said I needed 1220 but at final recount, determined I needed more.  I decided to  cut my freezer paper and background fabric as prep for printing the  1″ HST’s.  My self talk was “Okay, so I will print one fabric piece of HST’s”.  Here is the one

That led to the printing of all 36.  Once I started, I just couldn’t help myself!  I ended up stitching a sheet of HST’s from each of the 4 color fabrics I am using in the sashing.  Well, that led to putting together a few 2″ pinwheel blocks just to see what the sashing would look like.

Here is a picture of them on the makeshift design wall.

I did restrain myself to only one sashing strip but this is as far as I got on the sundresses.

My procrastination with the sundresses was due to the confusing pattern instructions.  The pattern has 9 sizes with solid lines, dashed lines, long and short dashed lines. Cut here for this, cut here for that.  The part of the construction I was having trouble with was at the beginning of the process but not explained until the very last line of instructions.  I had read them through several times but didn’t go to the very end to the hem section because I was dealing with the bodice.  I really don’t think clothing patterns are as well written as they were in the “old days”  or at least practically organized.  We’ll see how the rest of it goes.

Today is running errands to finish up getting supplies  and ordering the cake I will need for the baby shower I am having on Saturday.

Hope your day is filled with stitches.