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Well that is a “Texas-like” saying.  Although I am from Texas, saddles and horses are a thing of my past of which I participated in very small doses growing up.  What I mean is that I am back from my trip to Prague and on the mend from the upper respiratory infection I picked up on the airplane during our return.  It really  knocked me through a loop.  Anyway, wonderful memories are in my forethoughts and I wanted to share a few with you.

Our trip to Prague was wonderful.  The city was beautiful, clean, architecturally interesting, the people were friendly and most spoke English as well as several other languages.  This is a photo of the Prague castle at night and the view from our hotel.  We stayed at the Four Seasons on the Vltava River

The first day we had a private cruise on the river and this is the spread that awaited us.

Not to mention desserts.  This was only the beginning of many delicious meals!

The clock tower in old town center of Prague

When the clock strikes on the hour, these statues come out of the clock.

We went to the state opera house where Carmen was performed by the most famous Czech opera performer.

We took a private train to Czesky Krumlov, a delightful old village.  The castle still has furnishings from the 1600’s.

The castle was built in the side of this rocky hill with a vibrant stream below. (I think still part of the Vltava River)

Next we went to an old Russian military training field.  Here are some of the Russian tanks.

Yes, I am driving a Russian tank.  What a blast!  Well let’s just say, so much fun!  I asked for live ammo but they told me NO in several languages. No blasts!

Another highlight was a Gala dinner at Troja Chateau

We were greeted by waiters in period costume serving champagne.  (Hey Mr. NC get me one too!)

The walls and ceilings in the great hall where we dined were fresco painted

A Viennese orchestra performed throughout the evening.  It was something to behold.  We saw so many other sights and experienced great food and a country that was warm and welcoming.  I hope to return some day.

I managed to finish all 12 sunflower blocks and have only the background pieces left to put on two of them.  I will post a picture tomorrow or the next day.  I plan to start printing this weekend the 1220 Inklingo  2″ pinwheel blocks that the sunflowers will be sashed in.  I felt a break in hand piecing sunflowers would be a good thing.  I have 12 more 1/2 sunflowers to piece.  I  think this has become my summer project.  It has been fun to do them.  I continually have other projects rolling around in my head and often take a moment to stop and jot them down.

I will take a short break in the next few days to make a couple of sundresses for my granddaughters for the 4th of July family reunion in Pennsylvania ~ our next adventure.

It is great to be home.