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For each of our grandchildren’s birthdays, they  stay with us for a couple of days without their siblings or parents so we have dedicated time with them.  Ella turned three in March but we had her visit in May so we could experience an outdoor activity ~ The Zoo.

Ella ran from cage to cage to see what was next.  Once at each of the exhibits she wanted to “stay some more”.  The monkeys are always a favorite. She said this one was praying.

The elephant taking a bath. She was excited when he sprayed water with his trunk trying to get the hay off his back.

The Giraffe’s were elegant

Of course, there were lions, tigers, bears, hippos, birds, penguins and many other exciting things to see and do.

It wouldn’t be a birthday without topping it off with frozen custard ice cream (with gummy bears added).

A few more appliqué blocks to share.

I will be taking a blog break til next week.  Have a wonderful week filled with straight stitches.