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What would we do without zip lock bags?  Airlines require them for our toiletries.  Although they are supposed to keep food from spoiling in the fridge, mine grow science projects.  They are used to hold my grandson’s little lego pieces.  When I travel, I put my shoes in them.  When my daughter was very young I put her milk and dessert money in a baggie inside her lunch box.  So many uses for zip locks.  I always put my stitching projects in them when I travel.  The last trip I made, the entire project was in one large zip lock.  I had to keep digging the pieces out of the large bag and many were found on the floor when I gathered my items to depart the plane.  Last night, I decided to try a different approach and bag them per block rather than all together or by fabric.  I have more baggies but at least I am only dealing with the number of pieces required for each block.  I will let you know how this works out.

Not a very exciting picture, but this is what I will be putting in my carry on bag. (Sunflower Blocks)

In the US, you can leave the country with scissors as long as the blade is less than 5″.  The problem is getting back into the country with the scissors.  Mexico, France, and England have confiscated my scissors.  Since I have cut all my Inklingo shapes I will not carry scissors in my carry on bag and will  use the clover medallion to cut my threads.

The last trip I took my appliqué project with me.  There were too many little pieces to keep up with and I needed my scissors a lot to trim as I stitched.  The appliqué is staying home this time but I wanted to share a few more completed blocks.

Hope your day is full of stitches.