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It has been a whirlwind around here since our return from vacation.  Four house guests for the weekend with every minute filled with fun and laughter.  I had just enough time after their departure to ready the bed and baths for Mr. NC’s  business associate who stayed overnight.  I feel like shouting the saying from my childhood hide and seek game ~ “all-y all-y in free”.  (I always said “ollie ollie in free”).  Anyway, the coast is clear till the 11th when my two nieces and their friend come in town for the home school education and book fair.  Unfortunately, we will only have them for an overnighter.

I can’t tell if Renegade is exhausted from the company or sad because there is little activity in the house, but he is snoring under my desk and using my feet as his pillow. (It wasn’t easy getting this picture ~ I am just glad I had the  camera on my desk). I think I am stuck here for a while because I don’t want to disturb his nap!

It is not unusual for him to be under my feet especially in my sewing room.  Last night I put on “soundscapes” music while I was preparing dinner for our guests.  That particular genre of music is what I listen to when sewing.  Renegade is very conditioned to that music and when it came on he started up the stairs to my sewing room.  He stopped midway when I was not following and looked a little confused.

My plans for sewing this week is to finish the machine embroidery of the Dresden plate centers and work on the sunflowers.  If I don’t finish the sunflowers by mid May they will be my take along project to Prague.  I would prefer to take the sunflowers  over the appliqué project because it would be less pieces to keep up with. I will post the sunflowers in the next day or two that I have completed so far.

Here are a few more of the appliqué block finishes.



Hope your day includes a little stitching time.