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It was a wonderful 10 days of sailing with good friends in the Exumas, Bahamas aboard Triumph.   We visited a few spots that we have not seen before.  I can’t tell you how incredibly beautiful the water is and pictures do not do it justice.

Here are a few photos of the trip.  Across from Georgetown Exumas, where we anchored upon our arrival.  This is the ocean side of the anchorage at St. Francis on Stocking Island.

The wind was howling at 25-40 knots so we had to stay anchored and sheltered for a few days.  We played beach volleyball, read books, stitched, and enjoyed meeting other fellow sailors.  The picture below is taken in front of Chat N Chill, a well known hangout for sailors.  A stingray hangs out there and people feed and pet it.  On this particular day, a family of porpoise decided to play with the swimmers.  They were very entertaining and hung around for over an hour.

This was Sunday Brunch at Chat N Chill.  Pit Roasted Pig.  Very delicious.

While on the subject of food.  Following are a couple of pictures of other meals we prepared on our boat.

Fresh lobster


Sometimes we were the only ones in an anchorage or on the beach.

We did a lot of hiking on the islands.  We hiked the highest point in the Exumas ~ 123 feet.  It doesn’t sound like much but it was very thick with island growth and rewarded us with some fantastic views.  We also hiked rocks and steep terrains to get to islands that few people go.  We found sea glass and sea beans which we collected.

I have to mention the Haitian boat that goes back and forth from Haiti to Nassau collecting donations for their people who are still struggling to rebuild after the devastating earthquake.  This boat does not even look seaworthy but this mission boat manages somehow.

One of the sailors put out a call to other sailors in the area for donations for these people.  The sailors collected canned goods, clothing, and anything they could spare for the Haitians.  The relief boat was mostly filled with old plastic jugs that would be used for hauling water.  An old wooden door, mattresses, crates, and other items you would find in our trash heaps become treasures for these people.  I hope they make it back to Haiti safely.

Our sailing buddies will be out another 3 weeks before they return to Florida.  We wish them good winds and safe travels.