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Well, you won’t find me doing the first one very often.  Maybe once every several years.  My mother was an avid fisherman and she taught my two daughters how to fish.  As a matter of fact, my youngest daughter took her fishing pole to college with her.  My oldest daughter did the same and she would go on regular fishing outings with her Uncle on weekends when she was attending college.

The tradition carries on.  I guess it is in the genes but it kinda skipped this ole girl.  For her third birthday, Mr. NC and I gave our granddaughter  her first real fishing pole.

Yes it is a Zebco and Yes it is pink.  She has already been practicing casting in the living room.  Do you know how to fish?  No really! Do you know how to fish? Remember, my mother taught my daughters and now this is what the daughter is teaching her daughter.

This is what my granddaughter told me:

“First you spit on a minnow and put it on your fishing pole”  (poh – it is her country southern accent). “Then you throw it in the water and catch a fish”.

Me: Why do you spit on the minnow?

Ella:  To catch a fish  (Dumb question, Nonnie)

Me:  How do you do that? (Another dumb question, Nonnie)

Ella:  Makes a spitting noise but without the spit (thank goodness).

Me:  Have you caught a fish yet?

Ella:  Nope! Not yet. (But she has a gleam in her eye and hope in her heart.)

But her Momma has!  The birthday party was a fish fry with fish her Momma has caught.  So all you fisherman out there that haven’t caught a fish  yet this season ~ you need to spit on your minnow.

And by the way, three year old Ella does not mind putting the minnows on her own hook and touching the slimy fish. Yuck!

Now back to girly stuff…………..

I finished another Sunflower block and more appliqués.  Here are a few more appliqué blocks to share.

Have a wonderful Maundy Thursday,