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Mr. NC and I had a wonderful weekend with the grandchildren.  All three visited on Friday and on Friday night we took them to see Mary Poppins at the Bass Performance Hall.  It was a delightful play.  This is our performance hall in downtown Fort Worth.

They took their picture in front of the  poster.

And after the play with the real Mary Poppins!

The play was 3 hours and we didn’t get home until 11:30.  By the time everyone was in their pj’s with teeth brushed it was after midnight.  We had an early wake up call because granddaughter #1 had a 9 am soccer game.  We left the house at 7 am to get her to the game on time.  She played a great game scoring two goals.

After the soccer game our daughter and sil  had a birthday party and fish fry for granddaughter #2 birthday.  We drove home that evening and crashed.  Fast, Furious and Fun for Sure!

I did squeeze in some stitching.  This block is very suitable for travel especially since the shapes are printed on the fabric using Inklingo.

Here it is with the background fabric

A picture of the quilt from the book

With the layout I am using, I will need 612 2″ pinwheels or 2,448 HST.  I will let you know how long it takes me to print them.  I think I will save that project until after the sunflowers are stitched.  I wonder how long it took Fanny Tod to cut the shapes she needed for this project.  Her blocks were 14″ and required more pinwheels.

Take a close look at the picture from the book. The top left corner and the lower right corner the pinwheels intersect the corner block perfectly.  However because of the setting and the half sunflower blocks, the pinwheels at the top right and lower left corners don’t intersect the corner blocks in the middle.

Does this bother you?  If you had not seen the picture in the book and looked at the quilt, would you think it was a mistake?  Whenever I replicate a quilt, I always defer to the original quilt and its maker.  I am still contemplating………..

Simply stitching,