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We had a couple of beautiful spring like days that set me piddling.  In piddling, I got behind again on my project list.  I will share with you what I have done and what I am behind on but first I want to comment on piddling.

I remember my Grandmother using the word and it never occurred to me that it had real meaning.  To me piddling was pretty close to sittin’ and twiddlin’.  I always assumed it meant doing something unimportant or just wasting time, until I read an article in a recent Southern Living Magazine.   Our quilt club leader also brought the article to read to us at our meeting this week.

The author first describes what is a piddler:   It is hard to explain to begin with, because piddling is neither one thing or another, but something in between. It is not rest, not something that can be done with your feet on an ottoman or as you recline in a Posturepedic. But then neither is it work, something that one toils at, sweats at, something one needs a break from, for lunch, coffee. It is certainly not something for which one should ever be paid, and absolutely not something that one does while watching a clock.

What does a piddler do?  One does not march off to piddle. One meanders. And even when one heads off to do it, one may not go to piddling right away, because one might have to loafer a little first.  A piddler does not fix a leaky washing machine, or a slipping transmission, or a hole in a roof. Such work is necessary, and the more necessary a labor is, the farther from piddling it becomes.  

A Clear example is given:  Fishing is not piddling.  But sharpening hooks and respooling line is, especially if the bass boat is covered in sheet ice.

So when I finished with my spell of piddling, I came inside and assessed my day.  I have two months of appliqué BOM’s to catch up on; 1-1/2 dresses to finish smocking and assemble; binding to put on one quilt and three quilt labels to sew on finished quilts.

Now for the completed part:

Have a great day.  I hope you “have time for a little piddling”.


PS  One last note:  Remember, Piddling is NOT wasting time!