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This is a title I should make as my theme as it seems that I am always on my way home from somewhere.  This six week stretch that I have been home has enabled me to finish 3 quilt tops in five weeks.  I have my road projects prepped and ready to go for the next round of travels, but in the meantime …… Here is The Long Road Home. It has 1,682 pieces and is a “scrap user upper”, “stash buster”, whatever you would like to call it.  Many of the squares are from an Inklingo Swap that I participated in quite a few years ago.  There are other shapes from those swaps that I will start incorporating into my quilts in order to use them up. The quilt is designed by Bonnie Blue Quilts. Here is the story she published about The Long Road Home.

When the Civil War ended in 1865, many soldiers on both sides were stranded after hearing that the war had ended.  The army stopped supplying food immediately and many died from exhaustion and hunger.  Those that did find their way home did not return to the home they once knew.  Entire cities were destroyed, farm and plantations were in disrepair.  The Confederate currency was now worthless and entire family fortunes were wiped out. Having just been released from northern prisons, Confederate soldiers found themselves homeless and without money or transportation for their trip home and had to resort to any means necessary to survive.  A few of these young men appealed to General Grant for financial help.  Government money being in short supply, Grant contacted friends and family members and was able to help these few.  It would be a long road home to recovery.

This would also be a fantastic quilt to do for a soldier you know (or don’t know)  who today fight for our freedom and liberty.  Our soldiers who voluntarily leave home.  Miss family holidays.  Miss  the births of their children.  Miss the last days with parents who pass in their absence.  Miss the comforts of their own beds and food they are familiar with.  Well, you get the idea.  Our soldiers make tremendous sacrifices and they don’t always return the same men and women as when they left.  If not a quilt, I think maybe they would appreciate a prayer or two sent their way.

Wherever your road takes you today, I hope it is full of happiness and few stitches.