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This past week I was busy with various projects and although I felt pulled in many directions, it felt good to kick up my feet and reflect on the accomplishments.

My husband and I have a “this and that” thing going.  He likes “this”, I like “that”.  For instance, I like Home Depot ~ He likes Nordstroms!  I like Fritos; he likes salad! (We all know who the healthy one is in the family).  Some of his “this” has rubbed off on me though.  We both love the Container Store.  I think it is the one store he would never make a comment on how much I spend there.  He likes organization ~ well I am challenged in that department.  I like organization but I would rather be doing other things like stitching.  However, this week, I reorganized the garage and my sewing room closet.

First the garage.  Everything off the floor and onto shelves or baskets.

Except my tool box.  I like it on the floor so I don’t have to pull it down to use it.  I use mine much more often than hubby uses his.  Mine is larger too.  See above my tool box?  That is my very own DeWalt electric drill.  When he wants to borrow it, I hover until it is back on the shelf.  The other item is my electric sander.  It only came out of hiding recently.

Because I am short and really can’t reach the ceiling with our tallest ladder, we had the Container store installers hang the shelving in the garage.  In my design, one bicycle had to hang from the ceiling and we wanted to make sure the brackets were in studs.

Well on to my sewing room.  This is the before picture of the second closet.  I have another area for fabric.  Everything is shoved in the closet; office supplies, magazines, extra machine pieces, hoops, crafting supplies, batting, ufo’s, and much more.

I didn’t want to remove the existing built in shelves or rods, so I worked around them and put in as much shelving as I could get.  If the outcome had not been so positive, I would be embarrassed to show these pictures.


I wish I would have taken a picture of my fabric area before I reorganized but this is the after.

Some fat quarters

This is the fabric that I am donating.  My granddaughter is starting to work on sewing projects, so she will acquire some and my Florida daughter has started quilting so I will send her fabric as well.

I even weeded through books to pass on.



Here is a picture of the blocks I pieced this week.  The blocks are Inklingoable using squares, rectangles QST and HST, flying geese.  I have about 13 more of these to do and then I will piece the alternating blocks.

I am thinking about purchasing a portable design wall.  I like the portable idea because I would not want to leave it up all of the time.  I saw  one at the quilt show and later read reviews and they were mixed.  Anyone have a portable design wall?

We had 16 people for dinner and this is what my tables looked like.  I love the flowers.  I purchased all of them at Tom Thumb. They arranged the flowers in my own vases.


A week later this is what one of the arrangements looked like.  The roses I received as a gift from the florist that week only lasted 3 days.

Volunteering~ I am a CASA volunteer.  Court Appointed Special Advocate.  The byline is “Speak up for a Child”.  Our cases involve children that are in CPS custody or being monitored by CPS for parental abuse or neglect.  It is a very worthy cause to volunteer for if anyone is looking for a meaningful way to spend their extra time.

Well that was my week in a nutshell.  I am kicking back and doing some hand stitching for the rest of the weekend.  My hubby is doing the cooking tonight and tomorrow!  Yeah!

Have a wonderful weekend.