While I was cleaning the sewing room, I decided to move some quilts around.  Here is what I have hanging on the ladder today.  I moved the ladder out of the sewing room and put it in the hallway just outside the door.  

Last June or July, I mentioned my eldest daughter had ordered chicks (layers).  We have been patiently waiting for them to start laying; expecting the date to be around October.  By December, we were thinking that the mail order chicks were defective.  Well, they have started laying.  There are brown, white, and blue/green eggs.  They are delicious too.  Here is the first dozen she gave to us.

The children love gathering them.  They have a layer that likes to hide her egg, so the children have to be alert and on the look out.

Hope your day includes a little time for stitching.  Do a stitch or two for me!