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Part of the preparation in having 16 people for dinner tomorrow night is the cleaning and straightening of my sewing room.  I usually do this when I complete a project.  I needed to finish my current project because I didn’t want to have to put away everything and pull it out again in the chance of confusing my piecing sequence.  I now have a finished top and clean sewing room.  The hard part is staying out of there for a day or two and not starting something new.

Here is the finished top.  The pieces are flying geese, “rooftops”, rectangles, and squares.  The pattern is Inklingo friendly. I used Inklingo for most of the quilt.

It is called “Sherman’s March” and was designed by Paula Barnes at Bonnie Blue Quilts. The Civil War blurb that accompanies the naming of the quilt reads:

“‘Sherman’s March to the Sea” began in Atlanta and ended in Savannah Georgia where General Sherman presented the city of Savannah as a Christmas present to President Lincoln.  During the march Sherman applied the scorched earth policy of war and ordered his troops to burn fields, kill livestock, destroy train depots, mills and warehouses that lay in his path.  The broken railroad rails that the troops wrapped around tree trunks became known as “Sherman’s neckties”.

The red path in our quilt represents the fiery path his soldiers took.  The black represents the charred remains of the cities and farms he left behind.”

What a sad time in our nation’s history.

While I had my camera out, I took a picture of the quilts I currently have hanging on the banister.  Some you have seen before.

Above:  Red and white feathered star; Blue and white Burgoyne Surround; Grandmother’s Flower Garden; and Sherman’s March

Below: Seven Sisters; Laura’s Wedding Quilt