Hello Friends,

Back Again!  Where have I been?  Here and there but mostly there.

New Year’s weekend my hubby and I went to a friend’s ranch outside of Houston.  Weimer to be exact.  We had a wonderfully relaxing time.  The guys did ranch stuff and the girls gabbed.  We had much to catch up on and didn’t waste a minute.  The visits are always too short when you are with good friends.  (My husband has known them since his college days but now they say they keep him around because of “moi”!  Must be true……

I was home from the ranch for only three days when I left for Florida to visit my daughter for 10 days.  Hubby was at a conference and I stayed with my daughter.  I took my extra Bernina sewing machine to her and the goal this trip was to teach her how to use it and to find a shop where she would feel comfortable taking lessons.  After a couple of stores, we found one for her and she is very enthused about working on projects.  My other goal was to make curtains for her.  I reworked her dining room curtain into a table runner and placemats and redid  that window with a sheer that would let in more light.  I also made 5 panels for her living room.  We hung them on Sunday before I left and they look really nice.  No pictures yet.

During the trip we took a morning to visit Lynda Hall of Primitives by Lynda.  http://primitivepiecesbylynda.com She lives about 20 minutes from my daughter and we arranged to meet at her home which includes her working studio.  What a treat.  Lynda shared some new designs that will be coming out around September in her new book and other projects that she was working on.  My daughter told our husbands that I had not told her she was meeting someone famous.  Lynda was very sweet and shared her expertise on color theory with my daughter and was very encouraging.  I am also excited to get out the tub of wool that I have been stashing and incorporating it into some of my projects.

It has been a whirlwind two weeks of the year but I am home through the end of February and will be tackling my project list.

Hope your new year has started off well too and has included some time for stitching.


PS  I was so glad my computer was not hospitalized for too very long.  It only took 4 trips to the Apple store = 15 total hours sitting with the genius’.  I really wish I knew half of what they know.  I guess if I did, I would be working at the Apple store and not stitching.  Forget that wish!