We have just returned from sailing in the British Virgin Islands.  It was a wonderful trip.

Our 46′ catamaran was named Vera Cruz II

This is one of our crew members (friends) with a 46′ cat in the background.

Another one of our crew members blew out his knee on a moving dock.  The knees were already gone but he finished one of them off on the trip.

We had great weather with a few showers mostly in the evening after we were settled for the night.  The snorkeling was wonderful.  Below is a picture of one of the bays we stopped in for lunch and a snorkel.  The water was unbelievably clear.

Christmas is happening in the BVI’s too.  Walking through the airport in a tropical area, it is strange to here “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow”.  This is on one of the islands where were stopped.

Speaking of Christmas – More Trivia

The largest Christmas angel ornament is over 18 feet high and over 8 feet wide at the bottom.  She is made out of 2946 beer bottles which were still full of beer.  This angel was displayed in Nuevo Leon, Mexico in January 2000.

The greatest number of diamonds are sold at Christmas than any other time of the year.

1993 Nightmare before Christmas was the first full length stop-motion animation film ever made.

A mere 96 US companies manufactured dolls and stuffed toys in 2006 employing 2410 workers.

Candles were used on trees before electric lights.  Electric lights were first mass produced in 1890.

2500 pounds of “snow” fall on the Great Stage during the fun of the Radio City Music spectacular.

In 1945, all 400 of the first batch of Slinky’s sold in 90 minutes

Tomorrow, I will show you the appliqué blocks I worked on while traveling.