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My fingers feel much better today, but I am still saving them for my appliqué project that I will take with me on vacation.

I have been cutting a new project.  There are flying geese, rooftop sections and 7 patches (that look like 9 patches) all in one block.  I have stacks of squares in light and dark.

I have squares and rectangles

That make these

I couldn’t wait to stitch all of the pieces together so I did enough units to make two blocks…….

This is what you get at the end

or this:

Well not quite at the end.  I have 42 of these blocks to do.  Stay tuned.

Now you know with Inklingo, you have the stitching lines on the back of the fabric.  It makes for perfect intersections and sharp points.  Click on one of the Inklingo icons on my side bar and discover for yourself what Inklingo can do for you to improve your piecing accuracy.

Christmas Trivia:

In the US, $8 billion of Christmas decorations are sold annually.

The tradition of exchanging gifts first started by the Ancient Romans.

O Come All Ye Faithful was first penned in Latin by John Frances Wade.  The year, 1743.

Louis Prang is credited with popularizing Christmas cards in the U.S.

Gary Dahl has made millions since 1975 ~ creator of the Pet Rock

Ebenezer Scrooge of the the Christmas Carol ~ Scrooge’s sister’s name was Fan

Shirley Temple:  Mother took me to see Santa at a department store and he asked me for my autograph!”

I am off on vacation.  See you on my return.  

Happy Stitching,