Many of you know that Texas had a record setting 100+ days of temperatures over 100 this summer.  Our plants were scorched and really struggled, especially after the water rationing regulations were put in place.  The leaves on the azalea bushes were parched and brown but the limbs, when scratched, were green below and still held life.  The knockout roses were deeply affected as well.  I took this picture of my front yard yesterday.

The above is a picture of a climbing rose “Seminole Wind” surrounded by white Knockout roses.  I am delighted they survived.

Close up of Seminole Wind

It looks like a bouquet.

Here is a picture of the Azaleas and pansies.  The Azaleas took the worst beating but are on the mend.

What was once bare branches, is now full green foliage.

Not everything is “Coming up Roses”!   We do have a few Christmas decorations.

Front Door 2011

Christmas Trivia:

Poinsettias were brought to the US from Mexico by Dr. Joel Poinsett.  In Mexico, Poinsettia is known as the Flower of the Night.

The first box of 8 Crayolas sold for 5 cents in 1903.  Now there are over 120 colors to choose from. However, there are only 18 different colors of paper on the crayolas.

The Rockettes have 78 seconds to make a costume change.

Christmas Tree angels were introduced in the 1850’s.

Salvation Army bell ringing Santas have been collecting since 1890.

In 1979, to honor American hostages in Iran, only the top ornament of the National Christmas Tree was lit.