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Below are the dresses I smocked for my two granddaughters for Christmas this year.  I can’t wait to see the girls wear them.  They are made with companion fabrics in different scale which is perfect for the 7 year old and 2-1/2 year old.  Of course, the bows on the hangar are not a sure thing for the younger one.  She is good with bows for about 20 minutes…. a little longer than keeping her shoes on!

Here is a close up of the picture smocking.

More Christmas Trivia

St Nicholas was believed to be the first bishop of Myra in Lycia in AD 350.

Barnum and Bailey Animal Crackers – In 1902, the now-familiar box was designed for the Christmas season with the innovative idea of attaching a string to hang from the Christmas tree. 

There are 12 courses in Ukranian Christmas Eve supper; each course dedicated to one of Christ’s apostles.

Washington Irving was the first author to describe Santa as fat and jolly.

President Reagan’s White House Christmas tree in 1986 was decorated in the Mother Goose theme.

Gene Autry was the first to record Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.