After a wonderful trip to Spain, catching up on the laundry,  mail and bills, we had a family emergency that took me to my daughter’s to help with my 3 grandchildren.  Although, the immediate emergency has passed, we are still mending emotionally.  It will be a while before my daughter is physically back to normal as well.

I am currently smocking inserts for two dresses; working on one of the quilts I started on the Civil War Quilt Cruise; a Christmas BOM and an applique BOM.  Soon I will begin on the wedding quilt that I designed for a friend’s daughter.  Once again, I have  too many projects and not enough time.  I was almost caught up before all the the traveling in the Spring.

One of the quilts we worked on during the Civil War Quilt Cruise was from Betsy’s Gone to Texas book.  It was so much fun and interesting to see the original quilts from this book.  Betsy’s family stories were very interesting and gave a wonderful glimpse into that era.

One quilt that is taking much longer but is an awesome quilt is by Paula Barnes of Bonnie Blue Quilts.  I love her fabric, kits and designs.  She always challenges me and has contributed to my growth as a quilter.

Today I will be organizing my sewing room (again).  Next week I have worker’s coming in to do the final punch list items for our new home.  I will stay out of their way and my sewing room seems to be the perfect place.

I must find time to work in the new Inklingo shape Yin Yang.  I think this will be my traveling project this year since it is curved piecing.   I have too many ideas for this shape and will have to decide on something so I can get the pieces prepped, bagged, and ready for travel.

Thanks to all of you who have sent a note wondering where I have been.  I am looking forward to an UNEVENTFUL summer filled with lots of sewing.