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Hi friends,

Thanks to all of you who have sent me messages regarding my “blog break”.  I had a couple of requests to see the girls in their smocked Easter dresses so I decided to post a couple other projects I have been working on along with their pictures.

First here are the granddaughters. (The bow didn’t last long!)

Is it obvious the little one is saying “cheese”?

Let’s squeeze in big brother

The other project that I was under a deadline to finish was a baptism gown for a dear friend’s first grandchild.

Close up of the bodice

Close up of the hem (lace and pintucks)

Close up of the monogram and lace

I also did a baby quilt for another friend and incorporated the great grandmother’s blocks on the back.  I don’ have a picture of it.  I wrapped it before I got a shot.  Maybe the mother will send me one after she opens it at the baby shower (I will not be in attendance).

My Seven Sisters quilt came back from the long arm quilter and she did a superb job.  Pictures do not do the quilting justice, but I will give it a try.

Partial view of the quilt hanging on the banister.

I have one sister and 5 sister in laws in my family.  Together, we make up the 7 sisters in the quilt.  There are 7 different quilting designs in the diamond shapes representing the 7 of us.

Here is another motif

Finally a picture of the back of the quilt.  It is a little hard to see because the backing is a small check fabric.

Here is a close up of the quilting on the back

Now for the funny picture!

My husband says that we always end of with neurotic dogs (My fault of course!)  I have always disagreed with him as they all have “unique personalities” in my opinion.  After this episode I may have to “change my tune”.

I washed Renegade’s food mat and propped it up in the courtyard to dry.  I heard the dog making a terrible commotion as if he had something trapped.  I looked to see see what was going on and this is what I saw.  Enlarge the photo so you can see the hair standing up on his back.  Here he is crouching and sneaking up on the “thing”!

Now he is close enough to sniff it out!

I started laughing and ruined the moment! Crazy neurotic hound dog!  Regardless, he is still a great sewing buddy!

I will be back in a couple of weeks after one more trip.