While I have been finishing the construction of the  smocked dresses, I have been thinking about all of the Inklingo collections that are available, I was reminded of the very old Dresden plate blocks that my grandmother gave me.  They are made from old feed sacks and original 30’s fabrics.  The problem is they have 7″ centers.  I have been toying with various ideas on how to utilize them and have come up with a couple of alternatives.  Here is a shot of a few of them.  Aren’t the centers huge?  I can say that one of the alternatives is NOT to applique 7″ centers on them.  What is amazing is that the raw edges are already turned under and basted down.  How lucky can a girl get?

Renegade decided to bring his “baby” and his monkey to the photo shoot.  There are 19 plates and I have a stack of old feed sack fabric.  Any thoughts?  After the Easter dresses are complete, I am going to try out some ideas before I jump head long into this.  Whatever I do with these, it will definitely involve Inklingo.