The latest feathered star features a center block named Interlocking Squares.  It is a very simple block to do but when looking at it, you wonder how it is assembled.   Only 13 pieces in this block.

Here is the close up.  In case you haven’t noticed, I seldom repeat a fabric in the center blocks.

Still smocking away and getting closer to construction.  I decided to try and find some teeny, tiny, pom poms to use for the bunny tails in the baby girl dress and very narrow satin ribbons to make bows for the bunnies in the big girl dress.

For several years, I have been using a small blade serrated scissor by Elan to cut out my small pieces of shapes for Inklingo, applique and smocking.  These scissors are very light weight and I could use them for hours very comfortably.  A couple of months ago, I received a message that Karen Kay Buckley had come out with her new scissors/or they were coming out.  I ordered a pair last week and they are wonderful.  The handle opening is extra large and they are cushioned.  They have the serrated blade that grabsthe fabric into the scissors rather than pushing it alway like traditional scissors.  They have the sharpest point for getting into the corners and makes cutting curves great.


Here you can see the serrated edge.  Not affiliated, just a happy customer.

Happy stitching!