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Early morning with the sewing machine and feathered star block #5 is finished. (2:30 am to 4:30 am) That’s another story.   The center block is called TicTac Toe.  It is four  3″ inch  patches, two of which are Basic Nine Patch and two are the Shoo Fly Block.  There are 44 pieces in the 6″ center block.

Here is a close up of TicTacToe

Now a picture with the rest of the blocks.  It is growing!  Pardon Renegade’s head in the picture.  He is a typical Labrador Retriever.  He has to be in the middle of everything I do. (But I love him!)

My plan is to have the second row completed by the weekend which would mean I will be at the half way point for the blocks.

When Inklingo came out with the Circle Collection yesterday, I pulled out a 2004 Jan Patek Feathered Star that I had completed except for the borders.  The border is applique and I got so tired of doing leaves that I shelved the project.  I pulled it out and the berries were still in the baggie.  I decided to print the berries with Inklingo Circle collection since the freezer paper had fallen off the old berries and I didn’t yet have the sewing and seam lines marked.   Lucky for me, when I shelve a project, all the fabric gets shelved with it.  The berries went on pretty quickly but the few remaining leaves took a little longer.  I must say that printing Circles with Inklingo is so much easier and more accurate than making or buying  a template and tracing them.

Renegade again.  I asked his opinion on what I should do about the berries.  Of course his ears perked up with “berries” because Mr. NCC puts them in his dog dish in the mornings as part of his breakfast.

While I was at it, I printed off a sheet of red berries for a new Album applique quilt that I am starting.  These are pretty light but with the Perfect Circles, I didn’t need real dark lines (this not a good picture either).  The new Album quilt doesn’t have a ton of flowers, berries,  and leaves so I decided I would try my hand at applique again.

Here is a picture of the quilt.  Do you remember this one?  Pretty old huh?

For now, I am going to do a top and bottom applique border.  I can’t bring myself to do 4 borders.  I guess I now have a take along project since I am doing the feathered star by machine.  If and when I get the borders on this one, I will only have 3 UFO’s left.  One is on the quilt frame and the quilt frame is stored; and two quilts that need binding.  Making head way!