Block # 4 of  Feathered Star features the Friendship Star in the center.  This completes the first row of the quilt (less the sashing and variable stars).  The 4 corners of the quilt will all have a different star in the center.









Here is what the row looks like to date.









I stacked them two per row so you can get a better look at them.











Inklingo has just announced a new collection release that is all Circles.  15 sizes  of circles which will be great for Applique.  I have started a new Applique BOM so this is perfect timing for me.  I have an applique quilt that I started years ago that needed berries added to it.  I am going to pull it out tonight and try the new collection of circles.  Check back and I will let you know how it worked for me.

Happy Stitching