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Good morning,

I am squeezing in a Christmas BOM, quilt as you go, for myself along with the list of other quilts I have on my list.  At least when all the blocks are completed with this one, I will have a finished quilt.

The embroidered block is silk and I am using silk thread to do the handwork.  The silk fabric and silk thread together is like cutting hot butter.  It is so smooth and enjoyable to stitch.  The surrounding fabric is a Christmas line by Ann Gervais and the applique pieces are wool.  Embroidery is not my forte so we will see how this pans out.  Here is a picture of the block before it is squared up.  It will be joined to another block with a gold center and no embroidery.










Back to the feathered star, smocking Easter dresses, and grocery store (Ugh!)  But we do have to eat or so Mr. NCC tells me.

Hope you day is filled with stitches!