It looks as though I could use 15 more days of snow/ice to make headway on my feathered star quilt.  I put together block 1 of 16 today.  It actually went together very nicely.  The instructions for assembly in the Inklingo collection are so thorough and with the pictures it is very easy to understand and follow.

The quilt will be very different with brown and blue centers surrounded by the cream and navy feathers.  The sashing and sawtooth stars will pull it all together at the end. (I hope)

Since I machined pieced this block, tomorrow I will try and hand piece the next one so I can tell you if I have a preference.  It may take me a little longer to hand piece the block, so keep checking back in periodically.








Here is a close up of the center block








Half Square Triangles (HST)

Today I was prepping some HST for handpiecing the feathered star.  The feathers I had done previously were stitched corner to corner and for hand piecing I needed them stitched cross hair to cross hair.  I decided to use the hybrid method and stitch them on my machine.  This is what it looked like.  I really like the foot I was using because it is clear and it has hash marks on the sides.  That helped me line up a corresponding crosshair with where the needle was about to go down.  Everything with Inklingo  is perfectly marked.









I just dragged my thread to the next starting point each time.  A little wasteful on the thread but it worked great.  This is what the piece looked like after stitching and dragging.  I clipped the long loose threads and then pressed the entire piece.









Next I started cutting the large fabric piece in strips along the cutting line.  To save time I cut out the notches and clipped off the dog ears.  This gives a perfect rounded edge that makes piecing neater  and more accurate later on.  (I do the same thing from this point on when I prepare HST for machine piecing).









I was cutting each HST apart  and then pressing them.  I found that if I cut them in pairs they are easier to handle and press.









They look like butterflies, getting ready to take flight!









Cut them apart and you have two HSTs.  I love these scissors.  I use them when I do heirloom sewing because the blade is flat which helps me to  cut  lace away from the fabric.  I found that using them when I cut apart my Inklingo shapes, I can see the cutting line better.  I gave up on stacking and wacking my shapes apart because the edge of my ruler is so chewed up from me cutting it with the rotary cutter, the shapes came out uneven.  I desperately need a new ruler!









I didn’t have one wonky HST!









Happy Stitching!